November 6, 2021
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OnlyFans – how to get started and make money on it?

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Are you an influencer? Or maybe you are just someone who wants to earn some extra money in your free time? It does not matter, because only fans are for everyone. Just sign up and build your empire today! 

Should You Start an OnlyFans Account if You Don't Have a Large Following?
How to get started on OnlyFans?
How to get started on OnlyFans? The most important thing is of course to create an account. It is easy,simple and free. What is nice – there is no contract between you andyour subscribers, just a simple account, which can be deleted any time. With OnlyFans, you can create paid content for your fans, but you can also get your first fans. On OnlyFans, you can also find monetisation features, paid posts, live streaming, tipping and even paid messages. Secondly, you have to set your subscription rate and then – promote your OnlyFans account. OnlyFans have a built-in calculator to figure how much money you will earn. All you have to do is use an income forecaster tool. Set followers, monthly subscription price and it is done! Simple? We think so.
Promoting and making money on OnlyFans
There are a lot of ways to promote your OnlyFans. You can invite your fans by Instagram and encourage them to take a look at your account and your content. You can also put a link in your social media like Facebook or Twitter. Do you have a blog, brand or website? You have an answer! OnlyFans is a platform, which you can promote everywhere – of course if the regulations of a given website does not forbid it
Saying "No, thanks." is one of the strategies
It is really important to be creative. Maybe you should take a look at analytics? We think that this is a good way to start promoting yourOnlyFans account. Remember that not always more, means better. You have to know when to say “No, thanks.”, because this can change the fates of your career. Also you have to get experience in how to stand out from everyone. On OnlyFans you can see a lot of posts. If you will do everything just like a thousand other people, you will be like a drop in theocean.
Talk with your viewers
Viewers want to see how your work looks. Allow them to your artist process. Mix up your content, but also try to be like a friend to your customers. Influencer marketing works, because it is authentic. Try to think like yourviewer. Is it a good option to be a liar? We do not think so. You are not sure what they want to see? Just ask them. Do not be afraid to talk with your viewers. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Good relationships with your viewers can bring more customers and will make your account more attractive. Some people will invest in your art, if you will maintain good and authentic relationships with them. Do not be like a person, who sees only money.
Stand up to date with the trends and technology
Influencer marketing is constantly changing. Instagram trying new features – it is important to know what authors of social media are trying to do with their product. Try your own ideas, try to be better in your art and stay close with trends.
Strategy and plans is a key to success
Remember that your success depends on what you offer to your fans. There will be a lot of work to be a big influencer on OnlyFans. Content creation is not a simple path to be a rich person. Content creation is work, work and work again. Think about your strategy, plan your content, talk with your fans to know what they want to see on your OnlyFans and build a big brand. It may be a good option to snoop on other OnlyFans users, to find out what might be popular on your account. Remember that more experience in social media marketing can increase your income, so it is important to constantly develop your content.
What to do next?
Being a popular user on OnlyFans is a hard nut to crack. You have to know that being popular is not everything! If you do weak content, yourfans will not be interested in buying monthly subscriptions. It is really important to have a head full of ideas. Develop your content to grow and do not get carried away by monotony. Do not be afraid to try new ideas. You are creating gaming content? Maybe you should try to do something with beauty, cosplaying or fashion? You can lead your OnlyFans in a lot of different ways. You can also make exclusive content, which users will not be able to get after the designated deadline. For example, you can post something like this on Twitter: “On the first week of September, there will be [name of content] to get for only 20$. After this time it will no longer be available”. People love exclusive content, so it should work fine, but – as you can read before – do not be afraid to try new and your own ideas.
Influencers mindset should be your inspiration
Following other influencers is a good option to be inspired. In simple and maybe colloquial words – try to “wear their shoes”. Try to make healthy relationships with other influencers. Do not think that the only thing they want is money. Money for influencers is important, like for everyone, but the most important thing is more followers, being a celebrity and developing themselves. Influencers do not focus on money, they focus on being popular and having publicity.With this knowledge, you should be ready to get started with your adventure on OnlyFans. Just sign up, create your fanbase and monetise your content!


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